·      I don’t design for beauty. Aesthetics has no interest for me.


·      Furniture is all about reduction: The right material for the given function, and as little of it as possible.


·      I don’t design furniture, I construct.


·      I explore furniture making through experimenting with materials. I try to find how any given material “wants” to be treated. Ideally any structure should only be possible in one material.


·      Some of my work involves transforming two-dimensional materials such as very thin sheets of plywood into three-dimensional structures by joining them to one another over curved edges. My goal in this case is to create furniture where the two-dimensional starting point is still visible in the finished product. The outline of the piece is the result of the process, not a search for beauty. As the sheets are not moulded in a form, they seek to straighten out and become flat again, but are being hindered in doing so by other parts in the structure. The finished furniture is only standing because of the forces that try to break it down. I find beauty in that idea, but I enjoy the curves that emerge by the tension too. Form is a consequence of method and material – not a search for beauty.