biography for Erling Christoffersen, ARCHITECT maa






1974                Diploma as a furniture maker


1979                                   Graduated from School of Applied Art, Copenhagen


1982                                   Graduated from Royal Academy of Fine Arts, The School of Architecture, Copenhagen




1979                                Established own office.

                                           Member of the Cabinetmakers Autumn Exhibition, ”SE”


1986                Established Ibra Møbeldesign for production and sale of own furniture


1986 - 1989                        Professor at School of Architecture, Dept. of Interior and Furniture Design.


1989 - 2002                        Established the studio ”Design 134” and worked with architects Bjørli Lundin and Flemming Steen Jensen.

Field of work: Exhibition design, interior design, furniture design, light design and graphic design.


1989 - 2004                        Professor at ”Danmarks Designskole”, Copenhagen


1998 - >                              Professor at DIS, Denmark’s International Study Programme


2006                                   Design workshop with Tecnologico de Monterrey, Mexico-Copenhagen     


2002, 2005 and 2009          Teaching workshops and master classes in furniture design at Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia.


2005                                   Visiting professor at University of Oregon


2014 and 2017                    Distinguished Visiting Professor at University of Washington


PRIZES                                    I have received prizes from i.a. The Danish Arts Foundation, World Crafts Council, and the ISSI Fellowship at Victoria University, Melbourne.


EXHIBITIONS                   I have exhibited furniture at museums and galleries in Denmark and abroad.